Getting started with Lucid's Formulas

Lucid rounds out its shape data capabilities by offering formulas to users. Similar to the way spreadsheet tools allow users to analyze, adjust, and quantify their data, Lucid allows users to run certain formulas on their visual diagrams and associated metadata.

Metadata can be added to shapes in various ways, including linking data from spreadsheets, or adding custom data. Custom data can contain static values, or formulas. To add custom data to a shape, group, or page, simply select that shape and open the data panel. In the data panel, there is a section labeled "Custom Data." Click on the + button to add a custom data value. You can rename it, add a value to the property, an even insert that value onto the shape as text by clicking the +T button that appears when you hover over the property name or value.

Explore to see a wide variety of formulas that are available and details for how they work.

What’s Next