Introduction to Lucid's SCIM API


This feature is only available to users on Enterprise accounts. To upgrade, visit our pricing page or contact our sales team.

Lucid offers user provisioning/de-provisioning and group management via CRUD operations against the users and groups on an enterprise account via our SCIM REST API. For a more detailed overview of SCIM, see Simple Cloud. To access the REST API, follow the steps below.

Enabling SCIM

  1. Have an Enterprise subscription for a Lucid product.
  2. Enable automatic team upgrades (Admin > Licensing, requires the role of Account Owner or Billing Admin).
  3. Ensure SCIM has been enabled for your account (contact support for this).
  4. Generate a SCIM bearer token (Admin > App Integration > SCIM). This token is used to authenticate your requests.
  5. Add the bearer token to your SCIM provider. Instructions for our supported SCIM providers are listed below. If you do not use one of these providers, the rest of this article will walk you through the specifics of setting these calls up on your own:
    1. Okta
    2. OneLogin
    3. Azure
  6. After SCIM is set up for your account, you will be able to view active and inactive users in the Lucid Admin Panel. To learn more, check out our User Management article.

SCIM Endpoints

All Lucid SCIM endpoints start with the Lucid base URL, which can be obtained on the same page as the SCIM bearer token (Admin > App Integration > SCIM):

Lucid SCIM base URL:

Bearer Token Authorization

Authorization is provided by using the HTTP Authorization header, it should look like this (using your own bearer token instead of the example token shown):

Authorization: Bearer 1502c55ad68b4f3acdc969a7179a1313